21 November, 2014

“In my opinion, the timely and unique information we get from Aztec provides the basis for effective discussions on all kinds of issues, including promotions, pricing, distribution and new product launches. Combined with the retailer specific, customer purchase trends and supported by Aztec’s client......

  • Kellogg's

    21 November, 2014

    “The Aztec data gives us much better insights into the questions about how consumers shop, which in today’s environment is a competitive advantage for those who use it properly."

  • Mars

    21 November, 2014

    “Above all the available data points that Aztec can provide, what has clearly made a difference is in the collaboration between Vendor Sales and Customer Category Management.  When used effectively, the business insights and relationships can foster greater dialogue and co-operation leading to improved partnerships”

  • Weston Bakeries

    21 November, 2014

    “The portal is designed for easy access to granular insights at our business with western retailers to the point where we are using the data on a daily basis to improve our business performance with these customers. The service from the Aztec team is responsive and focused….It is a real pleasure dealing with the Aztec team!”

  • General Mills

    21 November, 2014

    “I feel the most important thing AZTEC has provided us is a changed relationship with our customers. With AZTEC data, we feel we have an increased credibility and confidence with our customers as we are using their specific data. We have also found it to be much more relevant as we can jointly “speak the same language” with our customers and quickly make changes to our plans.”

  • Smucker's

    19 November, 2014

    “In summary, the Aztec tool has proven itself to be invaluable and to reveal data and insights that until now have been hidden. The tool is intuitive and robust and is a great addition to our resource kit. We strongly recommend the Aztec organization and its tools to you as a means of improving your business."

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