Make better decisions and grow your business with ShopperView

ShopperView links a retailers' transaction data to their customers' loyalty cards to track customer shopping behaviour over time. This helps identify your brand’s health, frequency and volume of purchase, brand loyalty/interaction, and source of volume. ShopperView is core to understanding your category and brand growth drivers, enabling fast and dynamic measurement of shopper response to price, promotion, distribution, location and media.

How can ShopperView help me?

Track behaviour and changes over time

  • Track performance drivers - penetration, purchase frequency, basket size
  • Measure brand loyalty
  • Understand brand switching

Pinpoint my shoppers and know them

  • Define core and secondary shoppers (who & how to reach them)
  • Understand customer attitudes & motivations
  • Create segmentation  based on consumer needs

Help make crucial decisions

  • Develop strategies to grow your shopper base
  • Maximise loyalty & spend of existing shoppers
  • Optimise in-store activity & trade investment
  • Increase marketing productivity through better targeting
  • Activate the right media to attract targeted consumers
  • Identify new product development opportunities
  • Set new product performance targets and measure results
  • Learn, Adapt, Perform

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